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Grooming Tables-Dryer & Accessories

Rover Portable Ringside grooming table w/arm

Grooming Table w/arm

Professional Series Grooming Tables: These tables have heavy-duty chrome legs with solid plywood tops covered with a ribbed vinyl top. They fold and collapse for easy travel and storage.

Table Sizes

 Height Adjustable Table 
24”x42” has legs that can be height adjusted (from 24” to 38”)    Very convenient when grooming varying sizes of dogs.


No Sit Noose
nosit haunch groomerA vital tool for bathtub & grooming nooses. A safe, comfortable way to prevent pets from lying down while working on stomach & backside areas, helps control overly excitable pets & it provides relief for older or arthritic animals. Chew resistant & rust proof. Easily adjusts to fit small or large breeds.



For dematting of beards & ears, this little tool is greatly treasured by some grooming professional because of its small price & size. With practice, those nasty matts just disappear. Safer than using the point of open shears etc.

Matts Away

Groom ArmGrooming Arm:
height adjustable arm is made of heavy gauge aluminum, it’s sturdy clamp secures it to your grooming table. Fits table tops up to 1 ¼’ thick.


Rotating Groom table

Rotating Grooming Table
This table gives great control and saves steps. Ideal for small dog grooming, fits on any flat surface. 18" diameter with extendable(16 1/2" to 23 1/2".). grooming arm


Metro Mini Dryer
for use with hand dryers or metro dryersThis dryer delivers 6,000 fpm of warm air from a 1/2 HP motor. Complete with a 6 foot flexible hose with air flow controller, air concentrator, air flare and grooming rake.

Perfect for the pet owner or touch ups at the dog show. TLC would strongly suggest the purchase of the HELPING HAND which would greatly enhance the value of the dryer.

$ 99.95
The Helping Hand

This is the 3rd hand all groomers/pet owners/breeders/vets wish they had. Ideal for holding hair dryers or dryer hoses thus leaving both your hands free for control & brushing. Helping HandThis unique arm features two strong alligator clamps mounted on either end of a 18" flexible steel tube. Fits onto all grooming tables and will hold & point in any direction (HANDS FREE!!!) A perfect companion for those who use hand dryers or metro dryers.

$ 54.95
Miracle Coat Good Grips Slicker Brush

Small or Large,Non-Slip, pressure absorbing rubber handles make grooming easier & more comfortable. These brushes were discovered by TLC at the Hershey Grooming Seminar in 99 and now they have arrived in Canada. We feel these brushes score high in quality.


Please NOTE::We also carry the professional models Metro 4 Hp. And Oster Table and Stand Dryers.
please call us for info and current pricing.


Adjustable for both cats and small dogs. Takes just seconds to apply. Easy to openSoft Paws E Collar and close. Durable, lightweight and easy to clean Protects pets from self-inflicted scratching, licking and biting of the eyes, ears, abdomen and feet. Groomers use this collar to help avoid biting by overly aggressive pets. Ideal for small animals.

$ 14.95

E CollarProtect pets from self-inflicted scratching, licking and biting of the eyes, ears, abdomen and feet. Groomers use this collar to help avoid biting by overly aggressive pets. Excellent for after Cat with E Collarsurgery healing.  Durable, reusable shields are made of flexible polyethelene with stainless steel rust proof snaps.  It also features a rubber-foam comfort cushion cover for neck protection.

$ 24.95 Small

$ 29.95 Medium


Excellent tools for removing mats and tangles easily without losing coat length. Stainless steel blades easily break through mats. This tool has a comfortable rubber handle with 9 small metal blades to pull loose dirt, debris and hair from coat.